Transparency Statement

The wool and alpaca yarns I use for my socks always originate from livestock reared in the United Kingdom.

First the animals are shorn – no mulesing is involved at all. The yarns tops (the fluffy nice stuff) is then spun and dyed using low impact dyes certified by both REACH and Oeko Tex. The yarns I use are spun and dyed in the United Kingdom, and they are all 100% natural, my yarns are never man made so they are obviously not vegan, however, the animals are ethically looked after, mainly on small family farms.

I believe it's our responsibility to work towards making the planet a better place and I strive to work with a very clean supply chain. When I started on this wooly journey I met with suppliers and farms to ensure that the production met with my values, as these are central to janeyB values.
I am committed to operating responsibly and with the highest possible ethical standards, with regard to human rights issues including child labour and slavery. All of my knitters are over the age of 18 and work on a self employed basis from their home as and when they choose to work, whilst we always agree to a preliminary completion date there is no pressure to produce garments to an imposed deadline. All of my knitters agree to the fee prior to commencing any work, and are paid in full on completion of the knit, ensuring all parties are happy.